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Producing A Long-Lasting Legacy In Your Organization

Prestancia Technologies – An agency having the capabilities to work across various segments of IT and Digital marketing. We are one of the popular Software Development Companies In Pune,India work with clients to unlock value through profound creativity, cutting-edge technology, and business-minded thinking. We design and develop software’s exclusively to meet your business requirements. We catch the edge of the latest technology to drive developments throughout industrial verticals. Being an independent software provider, we ensure you to provide honest, reliable advice for custom software, new systems integration, or database development.

Our Key Differentiators

  1. Keep an eye to protect your ownership – We ensure you will have the only command over your creativity. We make a consignment from day one to protect your exclusive property.
  2. Work more with the R&D unit – Our experts are there when you face a strategic pivot or hit a roadblock. Also, we cover you during software development.
  3. High quality with an excellent reputation – We deliver the project within the decided period and on budget. If you face any significant issues upon project completion, then we will provide you the warranty.

Advantages of Customized Software Development

  1. Designed and developed exclusively to meet your business requirements
  2. Prepared to improve your efficiency and productivity
  3. Possible to design and integrate additional features into your software if required
  4. Customised software development and support to meet your requirements

Get Readily Available Software And Mobile App For Your Business

  1. CRM Software and App
  2. Movie Ticket Booking Software and App
  3. HR Management Software and App
  4. Hotel Management Software and App
  5. GYM Management Software and App
  6. School Management Software and App
  7. Online Tutoring Video Classes Software and App
  8. Saloon Management Software and App
  9. College Management Software and App
  10. Institute Management Software and App
  11. Advocate Management Software and App
  12. Courier and Logistics Management Software and App
  13. Hospital Management Software and App
  1. Matrimony Software and App
  2. Pharmacy Management Software and App
  3. Invoice Generator Software and App
  4. Online Car Booking and Rental Software and App
  5. Election Campaign Management Software and App
  6. Loan Management Software and App
  7. E-commerce Management Software and App
  8. Multi-School Management Software and App
  9. Online Food Ordering Software and App
  10. Project Management Software and App
  11. Online Bus Booking Software and App
  12. Tour And Travels Management Software and App
  13. Real Estate Management Software and App

Pull Off Your Next Project With Minimum Time And Money

We are the customised software development company in India, where our development team helps you at each step of your software development process. We discover an ongoing post-launch improvement. We have knowledge and expertise to work across multiple verticals and solutions. Also, we are capable of driving success and minimizing risk, no matter what is your project specification.

Steps we follow being the customised software development company in Pune

A. Analysis – Our specialists work with your stakeholders to avoid unnecessary expenses and boost ROI. Also, we will help you to validate the concept, fix expectations, and analyze the potential bottlenecks.

Key elements involved in this step –

  1. Perform market survey
  2. Conduct feasibility testing
  3. Find new business opportunities
  4. Implement the latest technology innovations
  5. Develop a multi-channel strategy
  6. Design roadmaps based on security and scalability

B. UX and UI design – Obtaining user adoption and satisfaction for your software is our primary aim. For this, we produce a user-centric report to align the overall experience with your goals and needs. We let you make well-informed product decisions.

  1. Decide user journey
  2. Identify constraints related to your business
  3. Prepare wireframe and prototypes
  4. Set usability metrics
  5. Provide great user experience

C. Software development and testing -We design, develop, and test software’s to reduce the time and cost. We ensure to create functional, scalable, and secure software so that you will stay on the top list. We will provide you the new features and integrations, to establish an active user base.

  1. Strong back-end support
  2. Data security and safety
  3. Automated framework to support for web, mobile
  4. Perform manual testing

Expand your business with Prestancia Technologies -With the best enterprise applications in engineering, we create solutions to meet the business requirements of our clients. We develop different software for project management and collaboration, such as CRM and HRM solutions, ERP software, tracking systems, etc.

We Provide Versatile, Comprehensive, and Reliable Software Solutions, as follows: 

  1. ERP Software – It is the effective way to manage your enterprise infrastructure. It also improves the centralized operations starting from business automation till internal and external communication of the company.
  2. Online Scheduling and Booking Software – It is useful to integrate or streamlines the various business processes such as schedule, plan, manage, and report processes.
  3. Tracking Software – This is more useful to improve and automate business processes. It streamlines the management system.

We deliver our best services to the following industries

  1. Logistics and transportation
  2. Healthcare
  3. Education
  4. Business services
  5. Customer services
  6. Banking and finance

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