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Are you a novice craving to unleash your first website or you are the seasoned veteran? If you’re looking to host your website but don’t want to spend over the roof? Building a successful website is not a big task nowadays. When you have many choices around you, then it may be a daunting and overwhelming task to select a reliable, affordable, and scalable web hosting. We are here to resolve your hosting issue. We provide the ideal platform for your next big thing, i.e., your website. Our experts will recommend and assist you in choosing the perfect, rich with features, innovative website, hosting at an affordable price.Before finalizing web hosting, we consider the following factors.

  1. Customer support
  2. Freedom to select the server location
  3. Usage of technology features
  4. Facility to boost up the speed of the site
  5. SSL certificate
  6. Free or charged site transfer
  7. Limit of storage

Prestancia Technologies: A renowned name for the Domain and Hosting Services

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a shared record or a phone book for the internet. It determines human-readable host name. We at Prestancia Technologies can help you to manipulate, decide IP address to assure the performance and reliability. Let’s take the example of the businesses; if we look into depth, you can see that companies are changing their modules, tactics and even marketing style. So, gone are the days where it is possible to survive without a good hosting plan. But now we all are living in the era where everything is possible with the aid of technology and knowledge. Every business is struggling to reach the optimal target without having a web hosting support. Getting the best and most suitable answer without weakening yourself financially is very much essential. We help you with the hosting plan, which offers an adequate number of email addresses, automated backups or scope for business growth. But there is no surety that a single hosting plan will work for every business, especially when there is variation in needs.

Deep Insights Into Web Hosting

​Web hosting is the control center for your business. It allows you to post your business website or web page on the internet. There are many web hosting service providers they help your site to view on the internet by using the technologies and services. Servers are the computer system that stores or hosts website. You can visit your site just by putting your web address or domain name into the search engine. With the web server, you will observe the website or webpages on your screen. We will help you to purchase the suitable domain for your website or webpage.

Which package suits for your business?

Getting the right hosting is essential to meet the business requirements. Every business has a different requirement, and hence, it is very much necessary to keep in mind while searching for a hosting plan. Experts at Prestancia Technologies, help you to understand which web hosting package suits best for your business. If you have shared hosting, then they are chances to face high traffic on the server. But if you have a virtual private server, then it increases the reliability and control. VPS boosts the speed of your website and provides utmost security.

Discover the available types of Web Hosting                                                                                         

We offer the following three hosting

  1. Shared hosting: It is good for small websites where one user can share a server with other sites and web hosting accounts.
  2. VPS: It allows you to scale resources whenever you require. It has good processing power, memory and storage to meet your expectations.
  3. Dedicated: It is the single server reserved for your business. It helps your website perform at the faster pace, but for this, you have to pay some extra bucks.

Why choose us for web hosting?

Being a business person, we can understand the pain and frustrations that come up with unreliable services. We have the best support team to deliver reliable services to earn customer satisfaction and make everything possible. Here are some factors that help you in choosing us for your domain name and hosting service: 

  1. Understand and resolve your issue
  2. Maintain a balance of knowledge and creativity
  3. Thorough monitoring
  4. Worth of industry knowledge
  5. Affordable hosting
  6. Freedom of managing domain names and hosting

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