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Turning Leads into Deals…

How to keep up with the competition? It is the common question that comes in every business person. Utilizing digital assets to generate leads is becoming more popular in the increasingly digitalized world. We all are tech-savvy people, although we know that complex technology solutions require human conversations. We use data-driven prospect profiling, handle marketing, and provide you with sales-ready opportunities. We are representing your brand, most professionally.

We have-

  1. Experienced and supportive staff
  2. Award-winning strategy
  3. Customer-based approach

Google AdWords

We work with our clients to set-up and run campaigns to meet the marketing objectives. We use the high inclinations of the AdWords system to get a real return on investment. And we are happy to say that we are not just stuck with PPC.

Creative Banners

We provide the excellent broadcast medium to improve brand awareness and to reach targeted groups. It can be efficient for the retargeting audience, who have already visited your website. Here, it eases, pushing them further for the marketing funnel.

Lead Revaluation and Review

Without revaluating and reviewing leads, you may not find the exact consumers for the products. Following up Leads, whether, through Email, call or meeting, are essential threads of marketing. We offer professional follow up services for your business.

Lead Management

Sorting or handling a bulk amount of leads is a tedious task for a salesperson. We will help you to filter leads according to your business requirement. We perform this sorting so that you can use your time effectively when it comes to following up leads.

Data Evaluation

We conduct Database Penetration Testing regularly. All business assets in the form of formation need some security. If this data goes in the wrong hand, then it can cause financial and reputational damage to your business.

We Know The Way That Drives Best Deals For Your Business

We promise to grow your business at an exponential rate. Lead generation stimulates and captures interest in a product or service to develop sales for your business. For this, we create, discover, and nurture online lead generation process. With these things, your team can proactively pursue potential client leads and convert them into sales easily. Designing strategy for online lead generation has gone through substantial and continuous changes. Getting readily available data in the online environment is now in a trend. Buyers are using the internet for research and make better buying choices. The entire process is harnessing the more qualified potential leads for your business. Prestancia Technologies uses the most reliable, efficient, most visited and result in oriented ad-campaign platforms such as Facebook, Pay Per Click, YouTube, and Twitter for online lead generation. We drive the SEO and PPC method simultaneously to reach the goal of your business. It includes referrals or paid and non-paid sources from potential and existing customers.

Through our lead generation tactics, we generate audience interest for your products and services. Then we convert their interest into qualified appointments, i.e., leads. By setting meetings, sales calls, and registrations, we help you to take these leads forward. So that ultimately you can get new business revenue.

Essential Components Of Online Lead Generation

With the rise in inbound marketing, compelling content can quickly generate leads. Here content works as an anchor to catch the leads and to make this happen, lead generation is essential. Following are the four essential components responsible for lead generation are –

  1. Acquiring Leads – There are a lot of software’s prepared just to capture the leads. The software allows businesses to identify potential customers and get their information. A growing business requires some new ways to gain new customers. Being a business, it is effortless for you to get the visitor’s information through their email address. Furthermore, due to some barriers in the form of sign-up buttons, your customer can ignore you.
    The following steps are necessary for successful lead capture –
    – Creative content and media.
    – Collection of audience information.
    – Proper follow-up.
    – Responsive design
  1. Attracting Leads – The continuous flow of lead is essential to make your business more profitable. Also, with the flow filtering potential, leads becomes easy. As per the golden rule of marketing, customers come back to you only when they like your offerings. A lead magnet captures the attention of prospective clients in such a way that they can trade their contacts for your lead magnet so that you can build your list.
    Ways of lead magnets are –
    – Conduct video training.
    – Offer free trial.
    – Offer free shipping.
    – Attractive discounts.
    – Surveys and analysis.
  1. Landing Page Transformation – Making the right use of landing pages to generate interest in customer is the best method of lead generation. The landing page is a page where the customers land easily by clicking on online ads or links.
    For this, the landing page should have –
    – Attractive designs.
    – Killer headlines.
    – Catchy explanations


  1. Triumphing Leads – Lead scoring is a way of evaluating a prospect’s level of interest based on their engagement. Lead scoring helps salespersons to identify and focus on the hottest leads and plan their daily call list.


Prestancia Technologies: Designs Best Lead Generation Strategies

As marketers, making business through potential leads is the most crucial objective. We design a strategy that keeps the pipeline full of leads even while you sleep. Following are some of the lead generation strategies that you can put into practice:

  1. Email Marketing – It is an initial outreach of connecting with the clients in your niche. Email marketing is an excellent channel for new lead generation. You can reach out to target audience personally and convey about your product or service.
  2. Regular Blogging – Regular blogging keeps your website fresh. Also, it increases your website visibility for Google keyword searches. Ultimately it is the active channel for lead generation. Here you can healthily build trust in your brand, nurture leads, and grow your credibility as a matter expert.
  3. Consistent posting on Social Media – The habit of regularly posting on social media either your content or sharing content from others. It is the easy way to boost your visibility and raise your metrics on social selling platforms. Through social media, you can directly connect with your online audience. Here you can communicate, sharing information with the motto of lead generation.
  4. Form a network – For forming a network, digital and social is the excellent way. Here you can get face-to-face contact to produce more impact. Networking allows you to learn more about a potential client.
  5. Set goals – Reaching or hitting prospective clients by having the right path and method is essential. It gives you a significant advantage to generate new prospects. Having a plan before reaching out to the client increases the likelihood of the desired result.
  6. Exclusive Offers – It is the favoured strategy to drive leads because no one says no to offers. You can design offers that can ultimately give you huge clients.

If you are offering irresistible deals in return for their contact information, then no doubt the audiences will remain hooked with your business.

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