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Maintaining your digital footprints…

We work with brands and companies present across India to deliver positive and lasting online reputations. Being online is not sufficient to become a reputed brand in the market. We are the team with a thorough understanding of how businesses and brands are representing themselves. We have experts and specialist to protect your reputation image. You are in the right place; our team will help you to be proactive about your online reputation. We offer tailored solutions for targeting and removing harmful content online. We use the most effective and confidential way to control what visitor see when they search for you.

We promise to deliver –

  1. Increased conversion rate.
  2. More visitors.
  3. Improved business listing in less time.
  4. Generate good reviews.
  5. More referrals.
  6. Improved organic searches. 


Client-Centric Analysis

It is a type of opinion mining to understand the feelings of people respond to your brand. Here we focus on analysing web documents, especially product reviews. It helps us to identify stubborn records, sentences, and opinion holders. We use supervised machine learning methods based on data, statistics, and dictionaries of positive and negative words. We use this information to rectify problems.

Community-Based Analysis

Don’t miss out on any conversation around your brand with our social listening model. We allow you to understand people’s mindset and what they talk about your brand on all digital platforms, and accordingly, we make a sound analysis based on what we find. Our platforms enable us to secure conversations from across channels and provide you with data.

Track Records

We help you to find and filter social communications by keyword, hashtag, and location. Also, we support you to hear what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and industry in multiple languages.

Static Analysis

Statics or Demographics are essential to generate more business. We help you with strategized demographic analysis services, which will give you more in-depth insight.

Brand Analysis

Brand awareness and analysis is vital for all businesses. We help you to build a traceable social network that reflects your brand’s current reality. By analysing social conversations, we reshape and increase your brand perception

Prestancia Technologies: Best Online Reputation Management Company In India

Ranking holds enormous power to change the level of company profitability.  We can help you to resolve your company reputation so that you can continue your trading success for a prosperous future. Because building an excellent reputation for your company might take a few days to years. Every consumer has a right to talk about a particular product, either he is satisfied or dissatisfied with that product. Nowadays, people buy products after checking reviews and ratings. It means reviews can influence the buyer’s mind and change their decision. Also, it builds trust for that particular brand.

How We Do Online Reputation Management?

Our expert’s team firstly analyses the problem areas in your brand, then set solutions to resolve your issues. Also, by using the knowledge of social branding, we promote your business socially so that you can get positive commentary. The positive comments can have a significant impact on your reputation. We use the latest tools and technology to support a brand’s online reputation. The tools are practical and deliver required outcomes without spending much time.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We use the accurate combination of social and organic search to provide you with the maximize outcomes
  2. We use our best of team efforts and practices new strategies to obtain desirable search results
  3. We have deep-insights of social media and its applications for business boosting
  4. We produce a knowledge-based creative content

Why Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management

In a growing competition, online reputation creates the decision-making process. When consumer look to buy something online, then they check the reviews of the companies which has gained a positive reputation. Consumers are changing their decisions based on trust, reputation, reviews, and recommendations for that particular business or product. Following reasons suggests the importance of an online reputation management process:  

  1. Boost sales – Many companies start marketing when they find their business is on the dropping stage.
  2. Raise credibility and trust – Generating trust in the customer mind about your brand is the biggest secret behind your success.
  3. Highlight your best features – You will get more visitors when you highlight your expertise or specialties. Because many times your customer doesn’t know your company enough and often make decisions based on the information they see online.
  4. Build employee loyalty – Professional, skilled, and loyal staffs adds more value to a success of an organization. It is necessary to know what customers or your employees are talking about the company. Because this changes company’s reputation and might influence consumer’s decisions and may affect future or current working employees.

In the world of techno-friendly ORM has become a critical factor in business. It helps you in increasing brand accessibility, visibility. Also, it helps you in addressing your customer requirements.

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