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We are a Pune based PPC Service Provider offering a wide array of PPC services to businesses. We are happy to serve you with dedicated PPC services, we work directly with you and optimize your PPC strategy as per your requirements. Our experts will provide you the correct knowledge of PPC success that helps you truly get the best out of the investment. We go the extra mile to give you satisfactory results. Pay Per Click is a direct form of marketing that provides success as per need.

Types of PPC

They are of two types as – PPC Search & Display Advertising

In Pay per click search marketing, Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising show your ad when the potential customer uses a particular keyword to search product, service online. Display advertising, it is the form of a banner, image, or text ads. The PPC ads will redirect the visitor to a respective page where they can find some relevant information in which they are interested in.

  1. Google PPC management – Having comprehensive and competitively priced PPC Management Company in Pune, India and they are essential for business expansion. We perform detailed manual analysis and reporting. We cover advanced bidding & ad testing scripts.
  2. Facebook Ads Management – We are here to expand your business with Facebook. It is the popular website used by customers and competitors. We help you to raise your brand and run responsive campaigns​.
  3. Microsoft Ads – If your company is performing well on AdWords search, then there are chances of massive success with Bing Ads. When people enter keywords into Bing (search engine), if the keywords in your ad are relevant to search keywords, then your ad seems in the search results on Bing.
  4. Twitter Ads Management – If you want to target the influential, receptive, and eager people, then Twitter is the platform to create awareness and interest for your new brands, ideas, and products.
  5. LinkedIn Ads – Advertising on LinkedIn serves companies of any size to get the business. It helps in branding, lead generation, and sales. LinkedIn ads can help to create clear and compelling ads as per your budget and costs.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

  1. Quick results
  2. Visible results
  3. Worth in investment

Prestancia Technologies: Save Time, Money and Resources

We are famous as the Best Adwords Management Company In India. We accelerate and help you to sustain your online business growth. Also, we find out the revenue generation methods by using Google Ads PPC and Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. We perform PPC Advertising to get the valuable return on spending. Our display & video advertising can effectively propel your brand and increase your visibility in front of your target audiences.

How do we perform PPC for you?

We know the magic of using the right keywords. Our Pay Per Click campaign will effectively grow your search results online. We ensure you to give productive outcomes, and you can easily make good profits. The keywords which we will use are paid, and the cost per click increases with the eternal online competition.

  1. We make a set of specific relevant keywords for your brand identity.
  2. Then we analyze the number of visitors and engagements for your website.
  3. Sometimes we reframe the ad settings to obtain better results.
  4. After this, we run the optimized PPC to boost your results.

Why Choose Us for your PPC Management Services in Pune, India?

  1. Good experience in managing PPC campaigns
  2. Transparent workflow
  3. Commitment to delivering the best outcomes
  4. Assured returns on investment
  5. Use of modern techniques and technologies

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