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Prestancia Technologies is better, braver, and bolder in offering the best PR services to the companies. We adore what we do, and we strive to deliver ways for brands to reach, influence, and connect with the target audience. We perform well with the in-depth insights and appropriately measured strategy. We use the cutting-edge independent PR agency, mainly working to connect brands & businesses with potential clients. With thorough media endorsement & audience engagement, we deliver real business success for our clients. We don’t purchase ads, not even writes the story, or don’t come up with catchy phrases to market your products to the people they don’t need. Then the question is what we do?

What do we do?

We are a PR agency help brands to navigate and communicate with the audience effectively with the aid of today’s media landscape. We tactfully use creative campaigns, communications, and dazzling ideas to amplify brands and businesses, to meet the fathomable results.

The general functions of a public relations agency –

It is good to hire a PR agency if you want to protect, enhance your company reputations through the media. We are the best PR practitioner company analyze your organization, find positive messages, and use those messages in positive media stories.

Prestancia Technologies: Best PR agency in Pune, India

We are the Pune based best PR Agency; we manage the spread of information between an individual or an organization and its public. We know the benefit of presenting your brand to your audience by using interesting topics and news items. Public relation is the crucial ingredient in maintaining a brand’s image. We escalate your brand’s exposure to its audience; this adds significant credibility to a brand. Convert readers into purchasers, and also one can track ROI are the prominent features of digital PR. Being a PR service agency, we hold our expertise to smoothen the direct route between the brand and its audience. We use traditional PR values to generate desired online results for your business.

Types of PR

There are several types of PR. Each has its unique purpose and function. Following are the examples

  1. Media relations – ‘Hook’ to draw more audience – Here we deal with the media, i.e., press releases, interview schedules, and press conferences. It gives the coverage of your company or your product.
  2. Community relations – Drive greatness – Here we develop your company’s relationship with the local c-community. We know how people think and react. We engage them by running events, visiting schools, or writing newsletters.
  3. Corporate and social responsibility – It is a PR related to community engagement and improves the company’s reputation. Here it creates your organization’s business practices.

Prestancia Technology: Our working as a PR agency

We work closely with the content and marketing team. We design online campaigns at the right time for the right people.

  1. Research and understanding
  2. Strategy designing and planning
  3. Implementation, execution, and communication
  4. Evaluation of activity

Benefits of collaborating with us

Public Relation is a powerful tool that proactively improves the perception of the brand for customers. We are the PR professionals having hard-wired expertise in doing research and writing with great creativity. Our strategy allows multiple perspectives on improving the client-public relationship. We try to give you the seamless experience.

Following are the reasons that describe why to choose us a PR agency-

  1. We create the strong influence on your audience by using paid-for advertising messages.
  2. We use credible and persuasive forms of promotion methods.
  3. We use a push strategy to gain an optimal reach by using several news outlets.
  4. We make PR as a cost-effective method to reach your target audience.
  5. We can help you to boost search engine rankings by generating backlinks and off-page factors.

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