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The Secret Of Staying Ahead…

Bulk messaging and emailing are the most efficient and effective way to communicate with your customers. We establish a fantastic channel of communication through the innovative marketing platform. We aim to serve you with a simple solution of bulk messaging, with all the latest features suitable for any businesses. We derive the combined formula of email and SMS under the efforts of our experts.

Our key features

We use the perfect blend of brain and the latest technologies to produce the user-friendly method for broadcasting bulk messages and emails.


We analyze the market insights and accordingly deliver the quality services; this reduces the chances of failure.

Simple and convenient

The service which we provide is easy to use. We have purposefully designed this by considering our end users.

Delivery Reports

We present you several reports so that you can measure the status and success of each activity.

Online support

We value our customer, and hence, we deliver the best customer services to tackle the issues.

Prestancia Technologies: Bulk SMS Marketing

It is comfortable, convenient, tried, and tested way of communication with customers using mobile technology. We enable you to connect with thousands of potential customers present across the globe. We provide our services in a unique and discounted price to deliver your message right to their pocket. We offer you the liberty to choose your content so that you can easily contact your customers. Our specialists can work with you to get the best messaging package suitable for your business requirements.

Bulk Messaging: How it works for your business?

  1. Upload your text content and set your contact list
  2. Send a message and ensure the status whether your customer received it or not
  3. Maintain the record of responses and get success through the campaign

Why to Prestancia Technologies Bulk SMS marketing?

SMS is the quickest and productive method of communication. In increasing popularity, text message marketing is a more effective tool than email marketing. There may be possibilities of email deletion. We are the Pune based growing marketing company having the expertise to work with the different industry domains.  

  1. It allows you the opportunity to grab massive customers within a single channel.
  2. Customized service as per your business.
  3. Surety of reaching your SMS to customers.
  4. You can track the status of SMS delivery.

Prestancia Technologies: Email Marketing

Email marketing is the highly useful and essential marketing tool in the current techno-friendly world. We always put our best efforts into building brand loyalty and trust among the end user. Email marketing is a fast, affordable, and highly useful marketing tool. A successful email marketing campaign requires a well-informed marketing strategy. We take the utmost care while running the email campaign that email will reach the appropriate viewers, at the right time with the right content. Our experts will help you in defining the best email marketing strategy to meet your business goals.

Types of email marketing

Every email has an absolute value, then don’t overthink on what kind of email you’re sending. Following types of emails will help you to get the real-time results for your efforts.

  1. A consistent schedule Company Newsletters – It is the type of email sent on a consistent schedule. It is the content that may be related to the company blog or website, or other content of upcoming events, news from your company.
  2. Concentrate on the topic with Standalone Emails – It allows the chance to your email receiver to perform specific actions like sign up, buying activity, read the latest posts, etc. It conveys only one topic so that your reader tries to concentrate on the same topic.
  3. Nurture your leads with Emails – It is a series of emails that you can send over several days or weeks. It allows the lead to move through your funnel and convert them into customers.
  4. Get informed with Transactional Emails – These are the emails useful if you are likely to send emails such as receipts and confirmations.
  5. Milestone Emails – Chance to celebrate – Here you can send the email may be for your subscribers’ sign-up anniversary or your company anniversary. Milestone email, along with promotion email, can give you higher clicks and conversions.
  6. Plain-Text Emails – It is not always necessary to send fancy and formatted emails. Simple only text messages may create a good impact. Plain emails are great to boost your open and click-through rates.

Steps involved in Email Campaigning

There are three stages, as follows:

  1. Preparation of mailing list
  2. Formation of an email template
  3. Sending email to target customer

Why choose Prestancia Technologies Email marketing services?

There are several factors helps you to consider our service for email marketing.

  1. Featured emailing – We allow you to perform the changes in email templates, rearrange the contact lists, and to build the email campaign.
  2. Best ROI – We take the support of affordable marketing tools where you have to pay less. We help you to creep the emailer list so that you can maintain the price.
  3. Easy to use – We use the tools that allow you the best user interface. Here you can review the templates.
  4. Real-time analysis – We help you to analyze the email marketing campaigns. So that you will come to know the fall down.

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