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When we hear the word “social media”, then Twitter and Facebook are the only names first come in mind. But do you know there are many platforms out there through which you can connect with your customers?

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Facebook is the biggest social network and major player in industries for socialization, marketing, and technology. It provides the best marketing opportunities.


It is a photo-sharing platform. You can easily leverage it for your business communication with your customers by sharing pictures. It strengthens the personal branding of your business.


It connects your brand with millions of professionals across the globe. It is a professional social network that helps you in generating leads, increase brand awareness, or build strategic partnerships.


Only 140 characters can do much for your business, as Twitter has created many successful campaigns for companies. Twitter cleverly lays the trick to spread the word.


It is a video-driven social media network owned by Google. Now, this platform has more than 1 billion users, and it is responsible for all global video traffic.


It is a significant and fastest growing channel to store your posts and campaigns. It provides you pinboard to connect with your audience on an informal note. Pinning images allows you to interact and engage with the audience.


It is a place to share life updates, GIFs, and pop culture memes. Also, one can post blogs, share photo, and videos here. It is the best way to promote their business through blog posts and photos.


With Vimeo, your embedded videos look perfect and offer excellent SEO value for your video content. It keeps your site responsive, fast, and lightweight. It never put an ad in front of your video. You will get a chance to brand your business independently.


An American social platform, and mostly used in India where user can submit and comment on shared content. Reddit allows users to discuss, vote on submitted content and also connects people together.


It is an innovative way to promote your business. KEEK is a useful tool for engaging viewers with user’s content. It involves the personalised video messages (KEEKs) of 36 seconds. You can share the video updates with friends as an advertisement.


Vine works much the same way as Twitter. With this, you can use your tweets to link directly to six-second videos. The video shares more information about your business. It is the creative way to engage, educate, and entertain your customers.


It increases user experience, and allow users to organize and store photos, engages with each other’s photo content. It gives a Terabyte (TB) of storage to users. It will enable the facility to like, comment, and share content. Also, it is possible to create and join groups of common interest.


It is a social media bookmarking site that allows users to “like” websites and add them to their profile. Then they can share these websites with their friends by using the “stumble” button or through their profile. It is the possible way for your business website to reach a broad and target audience.


It is the best method to spread the word about their business. Here your customers probably list your business; they may have a conversation about you. On this platform, it is possible to claim it to take control of your listing.


Here you can share information, images, promote your business. If you use it correctly, it will be the dominant social media marketing tool. You assess the importance of Google+ on an individual basis, and it can be your overarching social media strategy.


It is a marketing tactic that gives you more online visibility to your business. A regularly updated business blog is a marketing channel that boosts business growth.


Data Extraction

It is the continuous process of analysation of a large volume of information sources by using business intelligence. This data helps you to discover widespread market trends, future opportunities, and drives revenues by cutting costs.

Social Media Promotion

It influences people’s behaviour sustainably and cost-effectively by combining ideas from commercial marketing. Social marketing is a well-organised process and not the same as social media marketing.

Social Media Analysis

The process of the monitor, analyzes, measure, and interprets digital interactions and connections of people. We analyze the sentiment, natural-language processing, and analysis of social networking. Apart from this, we perform text analysis, predictive modelling and recommendations, and identify and classify a topic, people, or content.

Social Media Apps

Facebook is the most popular, and favourite app for people belongs to all age groups. It is not just a social networking app, but it has hidden marketing power. Are you planning to boost your Facebook strategy? Or you aren’t yet sure about where to start and how to start? We are here to customize your existing Facebook Page and enhance the consumer experience.

Conversion Insights

It is today’s dynamic and cost-efficient tracking system. It captures vital information and consumer conversations. We employ some tactics to understand what consumers are saying about the company and its products. And accordingly, we make timely decisions and manage the business effectively.

Interactive Communication

Building interactive communication where people can discuss your business and brand not only on social platforms but beyond it.

Visual Content

We use a smarter way to plan, create, and activate incredible branded video content for your audiences. We combine the talents, with the knowledge & expertise to design and develop video content strategies. Using the latest technology, we prepare an interactive video on unique and engaging concepts.

Consultant Outreach

Reach your potential customers online and gain a certain amount of respect and authority through influencers. Creating campaigns to increase brand value becomes easy after working with influencers. Even if you already have a broad audience, still it provides you with the chance to interact with more and more people further and increase the reach of your message.

Viral Audio and Video

It is a type of content seeding and influencer marketing strategy. We perform viral marketing campaigns to activate and reach your audience. We produce Viral video to grow businesses exponentially over a condensed time.

Campaign Design and Implement

We employ modern marketing practices to launch smarter, data-driven marketing campaigns. We design target based on buyer persona and buying stage. Also, we implement compelling marketing campaigns.

Social Behavioural Analysis

It allows you to truly understand what goes on in the minds of your audience. It provides you with insights to recognise the needs and desires of your current and prospective customers. We keep an eye on the social activities and reporting to let you know of the direct benefits and impact of events happening on your social media platforms.

Competition, Sweepstakes, and Analytics

Running a seamless rated contest, reviews, or campaigns for your business is an easy task. We develop and help you to capture leads even if you’re offline. Sweepstakes decreases the post-event follow-ups and increases lead follow-ups for sure.

 Brighten Up Your Online Presence With Prestancia Technologies

We’re a crew of creative social media experts work with a conscience. We are a Pune based company that drives long-term business growth through deep insight, bespoke marketing strategy, top-notch and transparent social media platforms. We use a perfect blend of social tools and analytics, trends to meet the expectations of the audience. Our curious bunch of people also takes care of conversation, conversions. 

Our values

  1. With the real insight and macro tools to we cut through the clutter on social media. This helps us to gauge consumer intentions and challenges.
  2. Employ the right strategy with actual proposition and positioning of your business. This helps us to formulate content pillars and campaigns.

Prestancia Technologies: The best hub for start-ups  

Every start-up has a right to grow and establish its strong online presence. We are here to help start-ups to reach the audience organically. Our expert’s team help them to scale-up and enable them to take challenges to take the brand to the next stage. We employ digital marketing packages to match the individual requirements of start-ups. We create brand awareness through a tailored solution, increase your brand consideration. We use social networking mediums like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. for advertising purpose. 

Understand the necessity for a social media presence

Social media talks to your existing and prospective customers in an efficient way, so that more audience engages you. It shouts about your brand on an online platform which adds the critical role in ranking as well. Also, to stay ahead in the race, it is essential to keep up-to-date with new features released continuously by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Social Media Marketing: A set of the right toolkit

Social media marketing is a gold coin that engages you with your existing and potential clients, also provides the good ranking in search. Rapid advancements and updates are changing the features of marketing channels. For being a business person, it is difficult for you to manage all the updates released by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Sometimes you don’t even understand where to start. Here we play a role in making your profile up and highlight the nature of your business on the social platform.

Let’s understand how our team can help you –

We are providing an epic and a well-publicised campaign to make your business communications both ways. Because today’s customer wants to talk to you and not listen to always. We use bespoke social media marketing practice by focusing on advocacy and engagement. We make the perfect use of the social landscape to deliver a valuable experience to your audiences and create impactful business for you.

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