We all have often heard counsels from marketing experts or branding consultants that “Websites are great practice for marketing your business effectively & in optimised budgets.” However, many people overlook the fact that this advice is only partially true!

Websites can prove to be a practice for marketing, but it can prove to be effective & pocket-friendly only if it qualifies to reach the target audience correctly. The best & most effective websites are those which can have comprehensive reachability to the target audience & inspire audience action & generate profitable conversions.

Many businesses struggle with the problems of having a narrow bandwidth of audience reach, whereas many others complain of having a broad but irrelevant audience reach. Here is a set of vital practices, which we call as the sixer-strategy that can help you reach your target audience extensively & effectively.

1) Quality Content:
The fact that “Content is the King” is the master-rule of all practices in branding, marketing & advertising. It is highly imperative & strongly suggested that the content you put up on the website should be of relevance to your field/niche & must be very quirky & appealing for the spectators. Speaking numbers, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing practices & can generate 3 times the results! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Why not apply this on to your business website!

2) Correct Keywords:
Keywords are the trail that would lead your audience towards your business. No matter how creative, quirky or relevant your content is; if it is not backed by good SEO practices & the right keywords, chances are that your audience might never even be able to discover your website! Strong keyword research followed by a flawless implementation is the key to get your content highlighted before your audience.

3) SEO & SMM:
Having put up great content on your website, but not promoting it well-enough through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or SMM(Social Media Marketing) is like opening up a shop but never inviting people to visit it. You ought to promote your website time & again through your social networking platforms & other marketing collaterals & advertising media.

4) Appealing Outlook:
Monotonous, dull & tedious presentation of content on the website is a major audience-repelling factor. Having a presentable & appealing outlook on the website through multimedia graphics, transitions or animations is as important as having relevant & rankable content over it!

5) Mobile-friendly website Layouts:
A vast majority of people in the world own & use mobile phones today. According to statistics, the number of phone users in 2019 was 4.68 billion & is anticipated to hit the 5 billion mark by 2021. These figures itself explain to us that the audience of any & every kind of business is very much compatible to use mobile phones all day long. In such a scenario, as a business, you must adapt to the trends & ascertain that your website layouts are mobile-friendly make sure that you do not drive away any segment of your audience for a reason as trivial as “The website doesn’t look good on the mobile screen.”

6) Consistency:
Even if you accomplish desired audience attention through the above practices, it is imperative to be consistent with the practices to sustain the audience engagement. In fact, if you take the extra mile of assessing the behaviour & feedback of your audience, you can easily outdo your competition & attain wondrous results. So, go ahead in establishing a remarkable digital presence of your business through a well-structured & appealing website. The sixer-strategy would certainly work wonders to magnetize your target audience to your websites.

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