The present-day world is a smart & technology-driven world where the emergence of start-ups & small-scale businesses have redefined the term entrepreneurship. These start-up businesses have effectively blended conventional business principles with modern-day innovation.

However, as a start-up or a small-scale industry, when you set your foot in the market, you ought to be intimidated or overwhelmed by the big fishes in the sea. People often live under the delusion that it is almost impossible for a small-scale business to be able to monopolise the market & accomplish sustainability.

On the contrary, small-scale businesses can effectively build credibility & networking through some strategic practices & keep at par with their large-scale competitors. Maintaining a profound & professional digital presence is one of such bulls-eye strategies. It is a cost-effective & result-oriented method to grow your business in terms of profit-figures as well as scalability.

A business website is the backbone of your digital presence & is like your online identity. So, if your business is not online, chances are that your audience might never be able to discover you. Despite this fact, only 51% of small-scale businesses & start-ups have websites, whereas it has been found that 97% of consumers are savvy with internet & search for products and services online.

The reason for these disproportionate figures is that most businesses fail to contemplate the importance of a website & a strong digital presence for their business. As a start-up or a small business, a website is like hitting ten targets with one arrow. You absolutely need to have a well-curated business website. Here’s why:

  1. Extend your Reachability to a Broader Audience:
    Nowadays, people are very savvy with the internet & online platforms. They tend to find & fulfil all their necessities, needs & luxuries at the click of a button. In such a scenario, a website would establish your presence on the world-wide-web & makes your business accessible to a global audience. Such extensive reach is almost impossible to achieve through non-digital modes even if all of the conventional marketing is applied in abundance!
  1. Build Credibility:
    A business website makes your audience have a sense of reliability in your business. They can easily know you, check out your clientele & testimonies & approach you through a business website. In simpler words, a website makes your business functional & trustworthy for your audience.
  2. Cost-Effective Marketing:

A website is undoubtedly a very powerful marketing asset & is also way more pocket-friendly as compared to other means of marketing & advertising. As a start-up, this is the most optimum & advantageous scenario to get your brand marketed well & your products eyeballed by your audience.

  1. Growth of Business Networking:

Having a business website does not only enhance your scalability to the audience but also gets you connected to important associates for your business, like investors, collaborators, or even prospective clientele. Good networking is the key to sustain in the market, be it a small-scale start-up or a well-established firm, isn’t it?

  1. Competitive Advantage:

As highlighted & emphasized even before, the present-day audience browses the internet all-day-long & searches for almost every commodity, product or service online. On average, a single person spends about 6 hours & 42 minutes on the internet every day. That gives you 27.9% more time to advertise your product before your audience as compared to a competitor of yours who does not even have a website. As a matter of fact, well-structured & creatively presented websites are very effective marketing assets with great ROI figures & awesome conversion rates. So, the world is going digital at a rapid pace, IS YOUR BUSINESS TOO KEEPING ABREAST WITH IT?

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